Avadan’s Resources

Avadan has great steampunk sprites, modern world map tiles, and an assortment of interesting sprites.

His materials were posted on RPGMakerVX.net for six years without concern until some recent information came to light. Evidently he used a ship from Terranova to base his famous VX ship on, and all ships are pulled until they can be reviewed. If you are aware of any alternate credits for his other work, please private message me. thanks.

Sprites and Tilesets by Avadan – use with credit in Non-Commercial Projects

RPG Maker VX/Ace Sprites

Modern/Futuristic Mecha

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y22/Avadan/Avadan.png —- thats me!! xD

Faceset/Sprite combos – Various soldiers – “Aragorn”

Faceset/Sprite combos – Soldiers, boy pirate, brown wizard “Radagast”, Old Scholar, young men, Video Game Girl (Argh! what’s the name!)

Sprites – Modern Jumpsuit, Spaceman, Futuristic Soldier Warrior, Anthropomorhic Lion Man

Space – Space Soldiers, Modern Cop (policeman), Factory Worker

Sprites – Pirate captain and mate

Sprites – with Zombie Pirate! Arrr…


Faces from the game, Cartographer – with pirate, evil orc, cook

Faces and sprite combos – including hooded imp


And still more – a romantic couple faces and sprites

Middle Eastern/Desert Characers

The Godfather

!930s Depression or Steampunk people, with policeman (cop) accountant, Trenchcoat!

World Map Tiles for Modern City

Modern/Steampunk/Depression Era Sprites and car tiles


14 thoughts on “Avadan’s Resources

  1. I’m trying to make a 1930’s style game. The sprites are awesome except for some reason when I try to place one of the cars, it’ll only select a little of the car, as if the sprite is too large? Any help?

    • Hi, J.G.

      I did not make these faces (or any faces on my site.)
      For these faces, please credit Avadan.

      I think Avadan would be happy for you to use his faceset edits in a commercial game, but since we have not heard from Avadan in a very long time, I cannot be sure enough to truly recommend it. You do want very clear permissions in a commercial game. I’m afraid I cannot provide that kind of clarity.

    • Sorry, I said “sprites and tiles” but not faces in my comments. These materials were posted by Avadan as edits of VX RTP. As such, if you own VX, then you can use any of these in a non-commercial game. This is my understanding of Avadan’s terms. =] Hope that clarifies.

  2. GrandmaDeb, I am aware you been out of touch with Avadan, I been trying to find and see if he may have a website or a blog, even a wordpress to find his terms. But do you have a email address or url I can contact him with myself, afterall you say you been in touch with him, that means you have contact info. I humbly request that info.

    I am making a sci fi game, so I was wondering can I the spaceships, mechs and space pirates i see here?

    Also I know you made a resource blacklist, but so far I have only seen that Avadan’s pirate ship is listed as a rip resource, luckily I do not need that BUT I am more concern about his sci-fi resources. Basically can I use any of these resources here? And if you have since gotten in contact with Avadan, are any of these resources usable for commercial projects? I assume all these sprites, tilesets and resources on this page belong to Avadan?

    Thanks for your time, IF you can, please get in touch with me asap.

    • I’m sorry but my information to contact Avadan is out of date.

      My understanding is that the Mecha may have inadequate documentation. But I really cannot be authoritative on other people’s materials. Sorry. I post them so people can see them and use them, but if I quote the author’s terms, that is the best I can do. I understand commercial use has different concerns, but I can’t help with that.

  3. Oh I forgot to add, I use Vx Ace and do not own XV. Is that ok? Can I still use these resources, I do not have the money to buy XV.

    • If you want the rights to use VX materials, (I cannot give you the final word, but as I understand it…) you must buy that exact game. However, if you use them and buy the game during a great steam sale that could perhaps work.

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