Where to get Mack’s RPG Maker VX TIles (Compatible with VX/Ace) and Mack-Style Sprites

To Download Mack’s Tileset, you can download a VX game (called vx_sample,) and pull the resources from the Graphics folders. If you have the vx_sample game you have 27 char sets and the tiles. =]

Mack’s two-tile high Characters and outstanding Tiles from his Blog, are available here in a VX sample game
(You do not need VX to access the tiles and character files.)
(please do not repost this link elsewhere – thank you.)

Where to find the Resources After you Extract the Demo:

Example Maps – Exterior

BlueGreen Village Overview



Example Maps – Interior



Village House Downstairs

Village House Upstairs

Additional Help and Materials

Mack’s snowy trees

Mack’s Japanese Tiles

Mack Red Couch front and back edit by Atticus Harper

Mack’s tiles with Snowy Edits by Alaurable

How to use Mack Roof tiles, with roof edits, by Candacis

Mack A2 tiles edited as an Ace exterior tileset

additional Mack mapping tutorial by CrayDragon

Mackie’s Faces


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