Ceric’s World Map Road Tiles

World Map Roads by Ceric

A few words from Ceric’s original post:
“Okay. Obviously I’m not a master spriter, but here’s a collection of roads.
The majority of road pieces that are similar fit together.
The really windy, jagged set was tough to make it so each piece is compatible with every other piece
without losing the variety of road piece shapes. I would say that about 70 percent of the configurations
for that set work together okay… I did add some bushes and sign posts to my 1/4 road set, though.
It’s a little tough to make signs that look decent when you’re working at about 8-10 pixels in height and width…

…Feel free to use these in any personal projects, though I would appreciate credit…

This file features this specific set:

1/4-size straight roads.
1/4-size wavy roads with bushes/trees and signs.
1/4-size winding roads with just bushes/trees.
1/8-size straight roads.”


This is a link to straight, 1/2-size roads.


link on wayback to original post



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