A Resource Story of some Beautiful Art with a Happy Ending

Today Granny tells a resource story with a happy ending. Because art is always beautiful.

Many years ago, an XP artist named BenBen made some incredibly lovely trees.

The trees were made in a time when the online world was full of both beauty and darkness for artists. Generous artists shared their work and brought beauty to the world. BenBen found some of this art.

And talented artists also created new art using their own skills, building on the works of others. And BenBen made trees, and many other things, as well.

But many had not yet found the peaceful path of careful credits, and walked in darkness. BenBen could not find it, or did not know how to stay on its path. And this is a path many still struggle to attain…

In the years that followed, BenBen’s beautiful trees and resources were displayed with no credits, poor credits, and even claimed by hooligans as their own work.
His sets were mixed with things that should not have been.
So many lovely things were lost because the peaceful path of careful crediting was not followed. BenBen was disheartened.

But his trees were still beautiful. And among those who loved those trees was a lad named Hanzo. He loved them, and like BenBen, he built on the works of others to create more beauty. But the slippery path of poor credits was there to trip him up. Were they by BenBen? Alisa Tana? The credits were so old, from a dark time…

And along came another tree lover. A short, old tree lover with a stick. And she began tap, tap, tapping. The trees were credited to Alisa Tana, so she found Alisa Tana. She waited, and tap,tap tapped until she found a way, and finally heard back from Alisa Tana. Some of the trees were not hers. The tree lover kept careful notes.

Satisfied with the first step, she started tapping for BenBen. French sites – tap, tap, tap. Google searches – tap, tap, tap. Years went by.

And then the stick hit an artists’ hideout full of deviants. And she tapped with her stick, tap, tap tap. Time went by.

And one day, out of the blue, success! BenBen answered her tap!

BenBen told her about how he had found art, and used that art to make beautiful trees himself. He told her about some of the art he used. It was enough for the tree lover to help save the trees.

Tap, tap, tap, she travelled to her mighty resource library and discovered all of the information need to restore the trees’ credits.

And just like that, BenBen’s trees found their way to the peaceful path of crediting!

Because art is always beautiful.

Please, if you use BenBen’s trees, credit Mack and BenBen, and XP. You must have the right to use RPG Maker XP. (because the trunks are from XP.)
And BenBen says, feel free to use the trees, and asks that you please use them to try to make beautiful maps.

Soon I will post an assortment of the trees by BenBen that can be considered to have trusted credits.

Click here to see the post.
Some of BenBen’s resources were posted in mixed sets that included tiles that must not be used. Ripped resources and uncredited/inadequately credited resources cannot be part of the honorable gamemaker’s work.

Furthermore, using works without proper permissions is perilous.
For this reason, the game making community now works hard to keep resource credits clear, and help honorable game makers be well informed about risky online materials.

I would like to thank Avery for the extensive research done to raise awareness of dangerous materials, so that game makers can utilize online resources with a clear conscience and excellent information and even pursue commercial games.


8 thoughts on “A Resource Story of some Beautiful Art with a Happy Ending

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  4. Hi,
    thank you for the information a lot!
    and do you know if BenBen’s house tiles are legal to use or not?

  5. GD! Brava! Brava! Thank you kindly for this. And thank you Ben Ben and Mack! Cheers all around. Hell! Thanks Matt Beer as well!

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