RPG Maker Trees by BenBen edited by Hanzo Kimura

Please see more detailed information about BenBen and proper crediting of his trees by clicking here.

CLICK for a whimsical discussion of the search for and resolution of questions about credits for BenBen’s trees.

These trees must be used with credit to Mack and BenBen, and XP. You must have the right to use RPG Maker XP. (because the trunks are from XP.)
And BenBen says, feel free to use the trees, and asks that you please use them to try to make beautiful maps.

Please also credit Hanzo for the edits. They have been adjusted to be more in style with VX/Ace colors than the XP colors.

As a note, these trees are largely pixel style. Some of them are resized and can work in a painted tree environment, but generally speaking (from a style standpoint), I would not recommend BenBen’s pixel style trees to go alongside of Ayene’s or Celianna’s painted trees.


3 thoughts on “RPG Maker Trees by BenBen edited by Hanzo Kimura

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    • The BenBen trees are available for commercial use “as long as you make beautiful maps” (BenBen’s words.) But I should have included hanzo’s commercial terms for his edits. I will add them as soon as I can.

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