RPG Maker MV goes live in about 100 hours!

RPG Maker goes Mac friendly! You can preorder your game maker for just a few more days; you will receive a key for Steam and a key for a regular install (absolutely necessary, in my book!) USING THIS LINK – CLICK HERE!

The pre-order comes with a bonus package of plug-ins. Watching the video tutorials is so exciting. (I don’t “do” hype – it really is exciting to imagine all of the features already available for RPG Maker MV. I am looking forward to the weapons upgrades, menu access to common events, and so much more!)

And I will admit to being tickled pink about being mentioned in this short video! But watch them all, folks. So shiny! =]

Latest RPG Maker MV video Featuring GrandmaDeb!!!

Well, for being such a small fish, I cannot believe I managed to get my name mentioned in the big MV pond! (see about 0:47)  I am amazed and excited and appreciative and a little cukoo about it. =]