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Venere-Marte Site – Might be your last chance!

Venere-Marte’s RPG Maker site has been down for awhile. The incredible resources there should not be missed! But if you wait, they will be gone.

Most of Venere-Marte’s resources are here.

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Themo Monster Sprites

Themo’s Creative 32×32 VX/Ace Monster Sprites

terms: Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects, (if you own the maker, for RTP Edits) credit Themo.

Miner (human, zombie,skeleton) with and without pick (RTP)

Monkey King/ Simians (RTP)

Lady Victoria (RTP)

Leatherhead Ninja (RTP)

Citizen Jane (RTP)

Citizen Kelly (RTP)

Old man Dan (RTP – Edit)

Electric Eel Combat Aquarium (RTP)

Madam Shakra (RTP)

Steambot (RTP)

Faery (RTP)

General (RTP)

Orcs (RTP Fixed)

Snakes (RTP Fixed)

Skittler (RTP Fixed)

Psionic Sam (RTP Fixed)

Mr Loki (RTP Fixed)

Slimes (RTP Fixed)

SET ONE (green)

Skittlers (4 colors) , Psionic Sam, Mr Loki (3 colors)

Slimes (8 colors)

Queen Beeatrix, Demon Sheep, Snakes (4 colors), Orc (2 color)

Garry the ghoul (8 colors)

Kobolds (4 colors), mechanised impfanty (4 colors)

Lizardmen (8 colors)

Scorpion Tick (8 colors)

Doom Shrooms (8 colors)

Swamp Drakes (4 colors), Lemur (4 colors)

Koala (8 colors)

Bears (7 colors + panda)

SET TWO (blue)
Big Cats (panther + 7 re-colors)

Jackal (8 colors)

Deer (8 colors)

Zombie Seth (8 colors)

Some quick zombie variants

Trolls (8 colors)

Steampunk Zombie Stormtroopers (8 colors)

Goblinoids (8 colors)

Krakodemon (8 colors)

Sluggermugger (8 colors)

Pumpkinhead (8 colors)

Moss Gorgons (8 colors)

Killbot5000 (8 colors)

SET THREE (purple)

Female Harlequin (8colors)

Scientist / Medical Staff Male (8 colors)

Cold Weather Guy (8 colors)

Knocked down / Dead state
Set One

Set two

Set Three

Giant Boss Sprites (3x size)

The great Taurus (looks like XP RTP to me)

Boss Knockdown/dead state