#5 – FSM Link Recovery – Asato

Asato has many modern tile materials for RPG Maker VX/Ace.


Google Translate gave the site name for posts as “Ali Sha Doo” so old lists may use that name.



Modern/Flex Windows with Interior/Exterior/Nighttime Views

Large Modern Bay, Box and Sliding Windows, Street Lines
Windows with light beams

Large Arched modern windows, interior and exterior

Stained Glass windows and light beams


Globes, Library Floor
Elementary School Interior tiles – art, cubbies, fire extinguisher, doors


Transportation station, such as metro or train
Bus Stop Directory
Large White Step-van vehicle


Phone and phone booth
Pedestrian overpass
Traffic Cones and police lines/barriers
Curb and Guard rail
Club tiles with speakers and lights


Japanese Tiles
Bamboo Forest Tiles


Interior Ruins

Other Tiles

Railing along edge of Wall
Fish tank
bridge and banners
temple tiles
modern rails and retaining wall

European tiles

european tiles


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