Maiko/Strawberry Blog posts Ace RTP Emo Faceset Edits

Terms of Maiko/Strawberry blog are here:

Maiko’s materials used to be posted on FSM in a download pack. The pack included “kiddie” versions of the Ace Actor sprites. =] There are Mack-Style sprites, Emo Faces. Check the blog for lots more great stuff, including battlers, faces to coordiate with some of the Mack-Style sprites, and lots of facesets, including plenty of RTP child faceset edits.

Maiko’s Mack-Style Characters follow Macks Terms, as well as those of Ace users.

Maiko’s RPG Maker VX/Ace “Kiddie” Emo Faceset Edits
Actor4-6 Kiddie

Actor5-7 Kiddie

Actor5-5 Kiddie

Actor4-5 Kiddie

Actor5-6 Kiddie

Actor4-6 Kiddie

Actor5-2 Kiddie

Maiko’s RPG Maker VX/Ace Emo Facesets for Actor4 and Actor5

















Check out the rest of this great blog!

Yukimichi from FSM posts Gears, factory parts

Another poster abandoned by the demise of FSM for whom I can find no blog…

Yukimichi! Use with credit, non-commerial, no reposting, please.

with amazing mechanical equipment:

Some screenies:

And the tiles:

fans and lights


elevator doors


That sweet little analog clock was also posted with rotating dials. I could not find the resource any more, so I pulled it out of the screenie!


Another FSM Poster with Modern Tiles – Asato

Asato – previously noted as “Ali Sha Doo” on FSM via Google Translate on some of Granny’s lists – has a variety of modern tiles, notably beautiful windows.

Asato has many modern tile materials for RPG Maker VX/Ace.

Google Translate gave the site name for posts as “Ali Sha Doo” so old lists may use that name.


Modern/Flex Windows with Interior/Exterior/Nighttime Views

Large Modern Bay, Box and Sliding Windows, Street Lines
Windows with light beams

Large Arched modern windows, interior and exterior

Stained Glass windows and light beams


Globes, Library Floor
Elementary School Interior tiles – art, cubbies, fire extinguisher, doors


Parking Lot, Cars and Bicycles

Transportation station, such as metro or train
Bus Stop Directory
Large White Step-van vehicle


Phone and phone booth
Pedestrian overpass
Traffic Cones and police lines/barriers
Curb and Guard rail
Club tiles with speakers and lights


Japanese Tiles
Bamboo Forest Tiles


Interior Ruins

Other Tiles

Railing along edge of Wall
Fish tank
bridge and banners
temple tiles
modern rails and retaining wall

European tiles

european tiles

More FSM posters – Hira brings us Modern tiles


Remember to download them while you can. Things disappear off the internet every day.


Hira has posted a nearly complete Modern Tiles set – with a Tile A5, and Tiles B,C, and a full D set if you put it together.


Arcade games and electronics

Stereo, drums, record player and other electronics and household appliances

Modern Exterior tiles, signage and storefronts

School items – easel, paints and brushes

Modern Signage, rails and traffic cones

Modern Air Transport, such as Blimps, Biplanes, Tram and other vehicles

Tech Equipment

PC, printer, servers

Large Monitor

Large flatscreen (diagonal)

Notebook computer (diagonal)

Modern Exterior Presets


Sci-fi transporter

RPG Maker Faceset Resources from Wahikaku Reiko

From what looks like the Corrupted King of Moria in Google Translate, but is really Washikaku Reiko.


Anyways, this site has some very compelling (though not RTP-type) Face sets.


A dude who looks like a Werewolf shifter or some thing – nice set – faceset and sprite

This old gal looks like Yoda’s sister, but I suppose she could be an herbalist, witch or another race. – faceset and sprite

Speaking of other races, these faces are so good, it makes you want to come up with a people group just to use them: – faceset and sprite with battler

Lest you think they are all esoteric, here is a pleasant elf. – faceset and sprite

And back to our people group… – faceset only

A really cute carbuncle – faceset only

A pouring – faceset and sprite

A pug dog – faceset and sprite

And a soldier edit (back to the good old RTP!) – faceset only