Fun dragon, just sayin’


KitaAngel’s Mack Seasonal Trees and Tankentai Sprite Battlers

KitaAngel posted some lovely Fall/Autumn edits of Mack’s trees.
Please use with credit. Here they are in action:

And here are the tiles:

KitaAngel also made some great Kaduki Style edits of the Skeleton (Monster1-2), Slime(Monster2-3), Ghost(Monster1-1), Plant(Monster2-1), The Ogress and Actor2-6
to be available for the Tankentai SBS.
Please use with credit.

Skeleton (Monster1-2)



The Ogress



Modern Soldier Sprites, Faces and a Portrait for RPG Maker VX/Ace

By Eatorl – use with credit

A Kind of Nazi look

by Curran of FSM – Looking for the blog of this artist – use with credit

by Master100000782 – use with credit

by Andinator – Sergeant in Camo

by Apoc – Camo Portrait – use with credit

by Rick – Camo Edits of RTP – use with credit

Animal Sprites Worth Keeping – Resurrected from Dead Sites

If you are familiar with GrandmaDeb’s Lists, you may know that her very first list was of animal sprites. Over the years, many artists have gone on their way, and we remember them by their contributions. However, in recent times, several hosting sites have also gone on their way as well! I am posting these excellent resources here to complete the listing of sprites in my list so that artists who expected their materials to be shared and available will still be appreciated and their materials will be available.

Since folks will ask, no artist gave explicit commercial use permission, so except for the recolors, you would need to contact the artists for commercial use.

First up are bears, a creative recolor of Mack’s bear with a great panda, by Nastasia Wolf.

(Thanks, Avery for credit info!)

Other recolors by Nastasia Wolf include a set of the butterflies; sometimes a nice treat. [=


Miya, from FSM, made this fun, leaping frog

Next up are LastLaugh’s flying and perching Owl sprites – really very nice.

KiKiink made down sprites for the fox and the wolf – very hard to find when you need them!

And Weem (Also known as Raith) made these Squid (inspired by the XP squid, but a redraw, so OK for VX and Ace.)

Hiura Flour, another lost FSM artist, posted cat sprites with tails twitching back and forth, and dogs that sit and wag their tails:


Matsuo Kaito made a skeleton dog in a request on


And Darksun made downs for Macks’s animals:

A Variety of Sprites

Some great sprites by Tetra_Flame. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.

Grudgy (creepy!) – Kayako: The Grudge!

Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s faithful companion


Some great sprites by Master100000782. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.

Squall Sprite

Modern Soldier in Camo

Some great sprites by SBBlade. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.



Some great sprites by Mithos. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.

Link – Legend of Zelda Sprites



Skull Kid

Christmas Link

A great sprite by Katrina. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.

A great Pirate by Hyabusa_Suzuki. Please use with credit, non-commercial, no reposting, please.

Some nice frankens by Earthboy – credit him and the other sources. non-commercial, no reposting, please.

Eve, credit pindedaVX, for the antenas and Terra-Chan, for the tail

Futuristic Soldier, cr Nakkuruman, for the head, Earthboy for glasses