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You may have already seen the great resources from the Resource Staff at

See previous post here. =]  <– Click here to see the list of all the goodies.

Be sure and check out the new Resource Staff post. It contains Modern tiles with some ruins.  <– Click here to see the newest post.

Venere-Marte Site – Might be your last chance!

Venere-Marte’s RPG Maker site has been down for awhile. The incredible resources there should not be missed! But if you wait, they will be gone.

Most of Venere-Marte’s resources are here.

The links are going bad by the second. Quick, get this tree! =]

Venere-Marte’s tree is hard to find – get it here.

Finding Resources for RPG Maker VX/Ace – Resources from our German-speaking Friends

granny gif resource hound

 resource banner De Orient

You may have heard of the Resource Staff concept, in which talented artists from an RPG making community combine their talents to create a package of goodies for the RPG making world.
(I believe this was the brain-child of Pineda, or at least of the staff when Pineda was actively working his magic in the old RPG Maker site.)

Did you know that our excellent friends in the German RPG Making Community have a most outstanding set of Resource Staff releases? (The materials in the banner above are from Panda Maru, a contributor there.)
And these resources are all sitting there, waiting for you to appreciate, download, enjoy and use them!

Here they are: go snatch them up! (terms of use translate easily in Google Translate)

Granny’s hints to you are:
When you first open the individual resource threads, the tabs with each resource may take a little longer to load. Wait for it! =]
Look everything over in the thread by clicking on the tabs, and see all the best goodies! Then use the download link to get the zip file.

Here is a picture of how Granny organizes all of her folders from the RPGMaker-VX-Ace.DE Resource Staff:

(oops! Two folders are inconsistent! Even Granny gets it wrong, you know!)

granny gif resource hound

Other tips to help you find things:
1. As you can see above, I named each download by date, with the source, and included a brief description of the contents.
2. Create a text file for each main folder. the NAME of the file should be “2013 09 ReStaff Contents” or something similar. In your text file, list the elements you find in this folder: sprites – modern – gate – use words you might search for. When you search for your resources, you will find this text file and know exactly what resources are being referred to. =]
3. Alternatively, make a text file, put absolutely nothing in it except maybe the link back to the source of the resouces,
and use the NAME of the file to list the elements you might search for (works for simpler lists.)


Tree House Life in a Stump for RPG Maker

At the top, you see edits of the XP tree by Bloop (and I made the edits to make it VX friendly), and floor is by Ayene, and I made the interior wall by editing the tree exterior and Ayene’s ceiling tiles.

If you haven’t gotten XP for a couple bucks yet to get rid of the question of whether or not you can use XP materials in your VX/VX Ace game yet, go on over to the Humble Bundle store before time runs out and get it.

Otherwise, you need to own XP to use this.

Celianna does it Again! Base pack on sale now!

The beginning of a vision of an entire world landscape begins with a single release of a very large, complete set of tiles, but “wait, there’s more!” because additional sets of tiles, in the same style, with complementary settings will follow.

If you like ongoing investments, if you are tired of trying to make all of your resources fit together, if you want your game to span many diverse areas, this set will make you very happy!

And don’t be fooled by the name, Ancient Dungeons. It will have dungeon tiles and torture tiles, but also may other areas. This set is just a “get you started” pack – hence the name – “Base pack.”

Follow the link in her post to awesome screenshots and more details.

Guth’s Summer Beach and Pool Tiles

Guth Posted some wonderful beach and pool tiles which are no longer accessible.
Here they are.

Beach blankets(towels), Beach Umbrellas, Sea shells, Star fish, Beach Umbrellas, LifeGuard Hut, Beach ball

Pool with animated water

Guth’s blog is still arond, where you can see his old screenshots and can try and contact him if you like.

Ceric’s World Map Road Tiles

World Map Roads by Ceric

A few words from Ceric’s original post:
“Okay. Obviously I’m not a master spriter, but here’s a collection of roads.
The majority of road pieces that are similar fit together.
The really windy, jagged set was tough to make it so each piece is compatible with every other piece
without losing the variety of road piece shapes. I would say that about 70 percent of the configurations
for that set work together okay… I did add some bushes and sign posts to my 1/4 road set, though.
It’s a little tough to make signs that look decent when you’re working at about 8-10 pixels in height and width…

…Feel free to use these in any personal projects, though I would appreciate credit…

This file features this specific set:

1/4-size straight roads.
1/4-size wavy roads with bushes/trees and signs.
1/4-size winding roads with just bushes/trees.
1/8-size straight roads.”

This is a link to straight, 1/2-size roads.

link on wayback to original post