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Square Balloons!


Knight9910’s NecroMancer and SteamPunk Icons

Knight9910 has made an edgy set of Necromancer/Black Mass Icons.

Use with credit:


Black Mass Set
A satanic-themed set for evil clerics, based on the infamous “black mass.”

Devil Knight Set
A KISS-inspired satanic-themed set for evil warriors, meant to go along with the Black Mass set.

Necromancer Set (plus items)
A set for necromancers, or for evil clerics who don’t want the satanic themes of the Black Mass set.

Bone Knight Set
A set for evil warriors who don’t want the satanic themes of the Devil Knight set.


Gladiator Set
A swords and sandals set for those who like to fight in an arena.

Masamune Set
A set based on the legendary swordsmith, with a bit of Masamune Date thrown in for flavor.

Muramasa Set
A set forged by a disgraced swordsmith, filled with dark power.

Angel Knight Set

Steam Punk Icons


KitaAngel’s Mack Tree Edits and Kaduki Sprites of RTP Monsters

KitaAngel posted some lovely Fall/Autumn edits of Mack’c trees.
Please use with credit. Here they are in action:

And here are the tiles:

KitaAngel also made some great Kaduki Style edits of the Skeleton (Monster1-2), Slime(Monster2-3), Ghost(Monster1-1), Plant(Monster2-1), The Ogress and Actor2-6.
Please use with credit.