#3 – FSM Link Recovery – Washikaku Reiko

From what looks like the Corrupted King of Moria in Google Translate, but is really <strong>Washikaku Reiko</strong>.



Anyways, this site has some very compelling (though not RTP-type) Face sets.


A dude who looks like a Werewolf shifter or some thing – nice set – faceset and sprite


This old gal looks like Yoda’s sister, but I suppose she could be an herbalist, witch or another race. – faceset and sprite


Speaking of other races, these faces are so good, it makes you want to come up with a people group just to use them: – faceset and sprite with battler



Lest you think they are all esoteric, here is a pleasant elf. – faceset and sprite


And back to our people group… – faceset only


A really cute carbuncle – faceset only


A pouring – faceset and sprite


A pug dog – faceset and sprite


And a soldier edit (back to the good old RTP!) – faceset only


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