BB Entertainment has modern edits

Fun modern and other MV edits by BB ENTERTAINMENT

Please note th terms of use at the bottom of the pages, and credit
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Modern Ruins

Work fire in a steel drum (and other animateed fires)

A host of modern villians

Plant edits:

Zombie Battlers
Bird Battlers

Generator faceset Skin Gradients
Generator sprite eyes, nose, eyebrow, etc. options

Angled roofs and snowy roofs


Five Star Resources: Avery

Some of you may know that GrandmaDeb makes lists of resources. =]


I have been out of the game (lol) for about a year, but I am back in business for awhile, and I wanted to highlight some great Five Star resources from a few of my lists.

Let’s begin with MV tiles from a super artist, Avery.



Avery (Avy’s) MV Stuff Shines here. You will find outstanding tiles, battlers, RTP-completing sprites and faces. (My favorite is the dragon boss sprite.)

It took me 45 minutes to copy the terms and save the source link  in a text file (so important!) == then download and rename all of the files. Like this:


That’s a lot of great stuff!

RPG Maker MV Modern Exterior Tiles

Okay, I’ll jump in. Some of these are WIP so let me know how they look in your game.
granny gif resource hound

with thanks to many RPG Maker Web community members for encouragement, support, and C&C.
Tile Credits and Terms: Non-Commercial Use Only, credit GrandmaDeb, no reposting;
Please contact me if you post a game so I can see it.
If you seriously want to go commercial with my tiles, PM me; I’m an agreeable sort.

Modern Exterior RPG Maker MV Tiles
tileA3 Suburban

A few WIP gable roofs (set up for parallax use right now) and some possible hospital exterior walls.

custom windows, and roof top clutter and side entrance RTP edits.

template for MV TileA3

Interior Tiles: Modern and Sci Fi for MV

Server banks for Sci-Fi Modern Interior RPG maker MV maps


A 48×48 stone road tile for my desert game, just as a bonus. =

RPG Maker MV goes live in about 100 hours!

RPG Maker goes Mac friendly! You can preorder your game maker for just a few more days; you will receive a key for Steam and a key for a regular install (absolutely necessary, in my book!) USING THIS LINK – CLICK HERE!

The pre-order comes with a bonus package of plug-ins. Watching the video tutorials is so exciting. (I don’t “do” hype – it really is exciting to imagine all of the features already available for RPG Maker MV. I am looking forward to the weapons upgrades, menu access to common events, and so much more!)

And I will admit to being tickled pink about being mentioned in this short video! But watch them all, folks. So shiny! =]

Latest RPG Maker MV video Featuring GrandmaDeb!!!

Well, for being such a small fish, I cannot believe I managed to get my name mentioned in the big MV pond! (see about 0:47)  I am amazed and excited and appreciative and a little cukoo about it. =]

Very Large Trees Edited for Full Credited Use – From BenBen Edited by GrandmaDeb

CLICK for a whimsical discussion of the search for and resolution of questions about credits for BenBen’s trees.

To see more of BenBen’s trees, and read more about proper crediting of his resources, click here.


In BenBen’s Chateau Sinclair set, there is a lovely tree – only problem is that I have no idea where the tree trunk comes from and I am sorry to say that I cannot be sure that I could ever run down the credits with a happy resolution.

However, I decided to take Soruve’s beautiful tree trunks and give these huge trees a new lease on life.

Credit BenBen, Mack, and Soruve. Granny doesn’t need credit. She’ll just take your undying devotion. =]

(Trees have been edited a bit where the trunk meets the foliage. Please re-download.)